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Compliance with the Occupational Safety and health Act is a must for all employers.  Thus, the TSCA and the Tri-State Building Trades were instrumental in developing the L.E.A.D. (Labor Education and Development) Hazard Recognition Safety Training Program in 1991 which was implemented into the Tri-State Area Multi-Craft Agreement. 

 L.E.A.D. offers O.S.H.A. authorized instructors to conduct a hands on Hazard Recognition course.  The training classes are designed to encourage the participation of a tripartite group of contractors, building trade crafts and owner representatives placing them into a classroom as safety students and not adversaries.  The Hazard Recognition course is strictly voluntary and is normally held on two Saturdays a month.  Safety and health topics can also be custom designed to meet the needs of Craft Unions and Union Contractors serving our local industry.

 Under the L.E.A.D. Program, annual drug testing is performed on a voluntary basis unless the owner requires mandatory and/or random testing in which case specific arrangements to accommodate the owner are made.  A dated drug free photo certification card is issued to all participants testing negative.  Record of such tests are maintained by an Independent Test Laboratory on a confidential basis.  All costs, such as for collection, analysis, reporting, maintenance of records, issuing cards and notification are borne by L.E.A.D. for all participants covered by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.  Securing the drug screen test is the applicant’s responsibility and is performed on his own time.